Cupping Therapy Treatment

Cupping Therapy

20-30′ Minute Session
introductory/member $39
standard $59

Cupping Therapy

60′ Minute Session
introductory/member $69
standard $89

+ Add on:

Sea Salt Foot Soak + $6

Aroma therapy+ $10

› Hot Stone +  $20

› Salt Scrub + $15

› CBD +  $15

Cupping is an ancient Chinese therapy that is based on the belief that specific health problems can be caused by stagnant blood and a poor energy flow through your body.

Cupping therapy uses heat to eliminate the air in the cup, causing negative pressure on a specific area. This feeling of suction on the local congestion area increases blood circulation that can reduce swelling and pain to treat the problem area symptoms.

To fix or prevent those health issues, our cupping practitioners apply cups—typically glass or silicone—to your skin to create a pressure that sucks your skin inward. That increased blood flow can relieve muscle tension, improve circulation, and reduce inflammation.

Cupping in combination with our massage is an excellent option for athletes seeking natural solutions for recovery pain/sore relief. This treatment method is an excellent alternative to the often harsh, harmful medication that reduces pain and muscle aches. In addition, the cupping therapy session has virtually no side effects, aside from causing the skin to temporarily turn red, blue, or purple, lasting from a few days to several weeks. Note: cupping therapy should not be used if you have skin ulcers or edema.

Cupping therapy marks are temporary and usually gone in a few days.  If you fall into certain demographics or medical condition categories, cupping might not be recommended.

Some examples include:

  • Young children
  • Seniors citizens
  • Pregnant individuals
  • Those taking certain medications

We have a clean, professional facility at 614 Grand Ave Suite B, Oakland, CA 94610 and 332 19th street Oakland 94612. Our professionally trained staff has experienced the art of cupping Therapy. We will cater to the client’s needs and want you to become a repeat customer. We believe there is no better type of business than one that helps others in our community live happier and healthier lives. Contact us to learn more about Cupping Therapy’s benefits or book an appointment. Also, learn about our other different services; various therapy plans are available.

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Potential side effects of Cupping are temporary and may include:

  • Cup Kiss Marks: discoloration due to toxins and old blood being brought to the surface.
  • Post tenderness: usually less than experienced from deep tissue work.
  • Redness and Itching: increased vaso-dilation and/or inflammation brought to the surface.
  • Decreased Blood Pressure: due to vaso-dilation and/or nervous system sedation.

Post Treatment:

  • After cupping, do not immediately take showers due to the pores on the skin are still opening. You can consider taking shower after 8 hours.
  • Drink a lot of warm water to help leach toxin from the body.
  • Give appropriate level of protection to the cupping place; do not let the cupping place catch cold.
  • The cupping marks will disappear in approximately 2 to 3 weeks.


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