The Kume Spa is Oakland’s premier massage and foot spa destination. We are a place of wellness and beauty, a sanctuary, a place of inspiration and optimism. We rescue you from the daily stress of life, helping you recover and repair with body, skin, and holistic energy balance services.

Your journey begins in a calm, serene, and relaxing environment when you visit the Kume Spa. It is our mission to offer the best in customer service and also exceed your expectations with every visit.

At Kume, we emphasize the small details of the spa to enhance your experience with each visit. The lighting and music set a soothing tone to the spa, while the soft touch of running water clears your mind of its troubles. The refreshing smell of oils blended from tea, flowers, and herbs will take you to a place of inner happiness.

Our Story

Christy and Carrie, founders of the Kume Spa, are poised to inspire you for a lifestyle that supports your health and wellbeing.

Carrie’s obsession with massages started when she attended the Natural Holistic Institute 20 years ago and was practicing massages on the kitchen table of Christy. They both believe that there is more to life than just making money and wanted to incorporate their anti-aging lifestyles into a career. Both business ladies left their successful careers as financial advisors and opened an organic spa, a safe community for individuals and couples to relax and take care of themselves. And Kume Spa is the manifestation of that dream.

They love tea, so one part of the spa is a tea ritual you do after a massage. While you relax in a comfy robe and sandals, you can also enjoy a beverage, such as tea, while indulging in your choice of many refreshing and rejuvenating spa treatments.

The spa owners, Christy and Carrie, are passionate about helping local artists, especially female entrepreneurs with kids. So, by paying for a massage or acupuncture at Kume Spa, you will be helping hundreds of women.

We Promote Local and Organic Products

If you are a local producer of spa and bath products, and you would like to have a pop-up shop in our spa, please complete the following form – we would love to hear from you.

Our team of dedicated and trained professionals possesses a true desire and passion for your overall well being and will make your experience at Kume Spa an ultimate retreat.
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