We help clients rejuvenate and restore their bodies with a wide range of remedies. Every client is unique, we can offer a different technique and approach to each individual.

Our therapists will create a transformative treatment customized to your needs using various massage modalities of acupressure, sport, Shiatsu. Whether you are stressed, dealing with a sports injury, having trouble sleeping, sitting in front of a computer for too long, we can help. Prenatal massage is also available per request.


30′ Minute Session
introductory/member $38
standard $48

45′ Minute Session
introductory/member $53
standard $63

60′ Minute Session
introductory/member $68
standard $80

90′ Minute Session
introductory/member $98
standard $120

+ Add on:

Aroma therapy+ $10

› Hot Stone +  $20

Disclaimer: Intro pricing for first time visitors only. To keep intro pricing, contact Kume about becoming a spa member or purchasing a spa package.