The Dead Sea Salt is salt that comes from the Dead Sea in Israel; that sea is the saltiest in the world. During historic times, the Dead Sea salt was known for its healing ways; people used it to treat various skin conditions such as psoriasis, inflammation, and dryness. According to WebMD, magnesium salts can boost the skin’s health by treating inflamed areas of the skin. In addition, dead sea salt is good for treating rheumatological diseases. Dead Sea Salt is safe to use. The mineral concentration shows no signs that it affects your body.

There are many benefits to getting a Dead Sea Salt Scrub. Dead Sea salts are known to be great detoxifiers, as they pull dirt, pollutants, and impurities from each pore in your skin. Dead Sea salts are known to soothe rashes on your skin, calm allergic reactions, minimize dandruff, and treat acne.

Dead Sea salts are also used as treatments for minor skin conditions, such as oily or dry skin, and for more serious skin conditions, such as eczema and psoriasis.

We have a clean, professional facility at 614 Grand Ave Suite B, Oakland, CA 94610 and 332 19th street Oakland 94612. Our professionally trained staff has experienced the art of Dead Sea Salt Scrub. We will cater to the client’s needs and want you to become a repeat customer. So if you have trouble skin try a safe dead sea salt scrub to clean your pores on your skin, also try our relaxing massages here at Kumespa.


introductory/member $58
standard $72

Scrub + Massage
introductory/member $95
standard $135

All scrub services come with 10-15 mins Infrared Sauna.

+ Add on:

Shampoo & Scalp Massage + $20

Collagen Mask + $20

Shampoo, Scalp Massage & Collagen Mask+ $35

Infrared Sauna

  • introductory/member $28
  • standard $35
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